PROGRAMME 2004-2005

(Meetings are held in the "Lecture Hall" at the rear of the Congregational chapel and start at 7-30pm)

October 11th 2004
Speaker :                       Jonathan Curtoys	
                                    (Farmed Environment Ltd.)

Title :                            Finding profitable environmental opportunities in cross-compliance

November 1st 2004
Speaker :                      Gordon Day 
		    (Product Manager - John Deere)

Title :                 	    GPS and other technological advances coming soon on new tractors

December 6th 2004
Speaker :                       Prof. Jules Pretty 
		     (Head of Biological Sciences - University of Essex)

Title :            	    Does the UK need an Agricultural Industry

January 10th 2005
Speaker :                       Dr David Ellerton 
Title :                             Topical agronomic issues

February 5th 2005	SUPPER MEETING
Guest Speaker :              	To be confirmed

March 7th 2005			
Speaker :                       James Harbottle

Title :                             Agricultural Property Issues

April 4th 2005	A.G.M.		

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