PROGRAMME 2016-2017

(Meetings are held in the "Lecture Hall" at the rear of the Congregational chapel and start at 7-30pm)

October 17th 2016

Speaker: Edwina Mullins

(Social B Digital Marketing)

Title: Using the Internet and Social Media as a marketing tool

November 7th 2016

Speaker: John Peck


Title: Regulations and Resistance - Is there a future for intensive agriculture?

December 5th 2016

Speaker: Oliver McEntyre

(Barclays Bank)

Title: Farming Finance - A Brave New World or A Black Hole?

January 9th 2017

Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Stockdale

(Newcastle University)

Title: The Life in our Soil

February 6th 2017

Speaker: Carl Atkin

(Terravost Limited)

Title: Big farming in Russia

February 25th 2017 Supper Meeting

Speaker: Sean Sparling

(Agronomist and Magician)

Title: Wind, Rain, Muck & Magic - The travels of a pair of Wellies

March 13th 2017 A.G.M.

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