(Meetings are held in the "Lecture Hall" at the rear of the Congregational chapel and start at 7-30pm)
October 16th 2017
Speaker: Mark Tucker
(Yara agronomist)
Title: Efficiency of Nitrogen Fertilisers and the role of trace elements
November 6th 2017
Speaker: Andrew Fearne
(Professor of Value Chain Management UEA)
Title: Who are the food consumers? And why we need to get to know them
December 4th 2017
Speaker: David Walston
(Thriplow Farms & Nuffield scholar)
Title: Building resilient, productive & profitable soils
January 8th 2018
Speaker: Nick Von Westenholz
Title: An update on agricultural aspects of the Brexit negotiations
February 5th 2018
Speaker: Ben Lang
(Manager, Rural Business Unit - Cambridge University)
Title: Arable farming figures - Looking back to see where we are going
February 24th 2018
Speaker: Veronica Weatherhead
(Mother and Nurse - More than just the wife of a machinery dealer)
Title: Working with the The Mercy Ships Charity in West Africa
March 19th 2018 A.G.M

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