(Meetings are held in the "Lecture Hall" at the rear of the Congregational chapel and start at 7-30pm)

September 30th 2019

Speaker: Mark Wrinch & Miles Coates

(Business Services Team at Barker Gotelee Solicitors)

Title: Conflict Resolution

November 11th 2019

Speaker: John Pawsey

(Shimpling Park Farm)

Title: Comparing Organic & Conventional farming systems

December 2nd 2019

Speaker: Prof. Dick Godwin

(Harper Adams & Cranfield Universities)

Title: Soils & Engineering

January 20th 2020

Speaker: Dr Charles Fox

(University of Lincoln)

Title: Developing Robots for Agriculture

February 3rd 2020

Speaker: Cecilia Pryce

(Market Analyst at Openfield)

Title: Looking forward to the post-Brexit grain markets

February 29th 2020 Supper Meeting

Speaker: Paul Towns

(Serving God Mammon and his local farming community)

(This is held in the Village Hall)

March 16th 2020

Speaker: AGM

(Come and tell us what topics we should be covering)

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